Crow Junior Neck Collar SFI 3.3 Rated

Crow Junior Neck Collar SFI 3.3 Rated
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    360° Neck Collar Manufactured in Knitted Flame-Retardant Material, SFI 3.3 Approved
    For neck size 12" and under.

    Instructions for Neck Support:

    1.) Neck Support should be worn with the opening in the front.

    2.) If you find the support is too thick in the front or back simply unzip the collar and trim the foam. The foam may be trimmed with an electric knife. Cut approximately 1/8" at a time. If you spray silicone on the blades of the knife it will cut the foam easier.

    Neck Support Collars are sold without warranty expressed or implied or representations made as to this products ability to protect the user from any injury or death. The user assumes that risk.